About Us


We provide airborne maritime surveillance systems for customers around the world. Our systems are effective tools based on more than 35 year’s experience. They incorporate state of the art technology and will become an integral part of your mission to protect your sea areas.


Protection of natural resources – an economic necessity

The establishment of a national Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) implies both rights and obligations. The right to the marine and seabed resources are linked to an obligation to monitor and protect the zone from both pollution and uncontrolled exploitation. The need for general sea traffic control and a readiness for search and rescue operations is ever present. Add to this the need for border patrol to prevent smuggling, illegal immigration and other illicit cross-border activities and the justification for regular airborne maritime surveillance missions is obvious. There is also a growing awareness that the resources of the Earth are limited. There is therefore a growing necessity to protect the resources of the oceans, including the protection against illegal fishing. Over the years, all these considerations have demonstrated the need for our Maritime Surveillance Systems.



Our dedicated staff is ready to work for you, with more than 35 years’ experience of developing airborne maritime surveillance systems. This enables us to complete turn-key projects including hardware and software development, systems integration, customer training and support – on time and with a minimum of disruptions for the customer.



Our story started in 1972 when the Swedish Coast Guard asked for a remote sensing system to detect oil spills on the sea and thus the department SSC Airborne Systems was established at the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC).   The airborne maritime surveillance system developed was then sold in new versions to countries worldwide. In 2014 when SSC streamlined their whole business concept and organization our department was sold to Sjöland & Thyselius and we became S&T Airborne Systems. This arrangement ended in December 2015 when we were taken over by BAM Intressenter AB who owns Bromma Air Maintenance AB.  This became a very natural development as we had worked with Bromma Air Maintenance for many years.  In 2019 70% of the shares n BAM Intressenter AB were bought by Tagehus AB which improved the financial strength of both companies.


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