System upgrade and refresher training in Daman, India

System upgrade and refresher training in Daman, India

Both Ground and Flight Acceptance Tests were successfully completed on schedule, and the ground crew received training on the new functions, in part as classroom training, in part as on the job training in support of the ground and flight tests.

During the week of April 1, two of our engineers were in India to inspect and test the recently upgraded system in yet another of the Indian Coast Guard´s Do 228 aircraft. 

The following week a select group of system operators underwent similar refresher training focusing on the new functions and how these could augment the functionality of our system as well as other systems carried by the aircraft.

Customer training, both basic and refresher, and continuous development of operational procedures, are core to ST Airborne Systems business philosophy. A well trained and rehearsed crew is key to successful airborne maritime surveillance, and competence as well as hardware deserves regular maintenance.

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