Successful venture for Sjöland&Thyselius

Successful venture for Sjöland&Thyselius

Sjöland&Thyselius has been successful in strengthening its ability to deliver system technology solutions and increase the international presence of the company. The acquisition of Airborne Systems, producer of the Swedish airborne maritime surveillance system MSS 6000, and the establishment of an aftermarket with existing customers contributed to the success.

Mikael Tjernlund, CEO of Sjöland&Thyselius is very satisfied with the successful outcome. Sjöland&Thyselius is now a leading global provider of airborne maritime surveillance systems. An aftermarket has been established with existing customers in Europe, North America and Asia. Since year end system upgrades have been sold to Canada and Finland, who have operated the MSS 6000 for several years and now will be able to benefit from the latest technical advancements.


One of Canada’s three aircraft equipped with the MSS 6000 for maritime surveillance is currently upgraded, which makes it possible to also survey land areas.  Photo Paul Minaar.

The maritime surveillance system, which is used for search and rescue, detection of oil spills and sea traffic control monitoring, is of growing importance in view of the increasing maritime traffic and increased environmental awareness.