ST Airborne Systems visits Canada

ST Airborne Systems staff together with aircraft crew from Transport Canada

ST Airborne Systems visits Canada

to perform a status check and get operator feedback in connection with a new order for upgrade of the three MSS 6000 systems operated in Canada.   Our engineers went through the systems and went flying together with Transport Canada operators. A lot of good discussions on different features of the systems took place during and after the flights. The new order consists of a software upgrade  to improve the efficiency and reliability of the systems as well as provide new functions for data export.  “We are very happy  with our long-term relationship with  Transport Canada”, says Mr. Olov Fäst, President of ST Airborne Systems “and look forward  to improving the technology that will enhance the surveillance mission over Canadian waters.

Transport Canada operates three MSS 6000 systems on board two Dash 8 and one Dash 7 aircraft.  The first system was installed in 2006. For more information please follow the link.


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