ST Airborne Systems (previously SSC Airborne Systems) is a world leader in providing airborne maritime surveillance systems that combine a cost-effective and field-proven sensor suite with latest tehchnology software to achieve excellent usability and user-friendliness.

Our systems are designed to effectively address tasks such as Exclusive Economic Zone protection, protection of natural resources (e.g. fishery and fish stock), Search-And-Rescue, piracy and smuggling, general sea traffic control and environnmental protection (e.g. oil spill detection and monitoring.)

We have delivered more than 20 MSS 6000 systems to customers around the world. Today we offer MSS 7000 which is based on new technology and more than 30 years of experience.



  • ST Airborne Systems participated in

    the15th Annual Maritime Security and Coastal Surveillance Asia 2018 – Singapore – 27 – 28 November 2018.We sincerely thank the organizers and all partic...

  • Operator and maintenance training in Uruguay

    In addition to the CONOPS training course for the FAU (Uruguay Air Force) that we told you about last week,  the operators and maintenance engineers who work with the ST...

  • Training times three in Uruguay

    Last week ST Airborne System held three training courses for personnel of the Uruguayan Airforce (FAU).  One of them was a continuation of the CONOPS (Concept of Opera...

  • Official acceptance ceremony in Estonia

    The Ministry of Interior of Estonia and the Estonian Police and Border Guard officially took delivery of their new Beech 350ER maritime surveillance aircraft during a cer...

  • First MSS 7000 system delivered to Estonia!

    Click for here for more details. Bromma Air Maintenance signing the documents for acceptance of delivery together with the Estonian Police and Border Guard in Tallinn. Th...

  • Operator and Maintenance Training in India

    Last week ST Airborne Systems visited the Chennai base of the Indian Coast Guard. The purpose of the visit was to provide training for operators and maintenance engineers...



ST Airborne Systems has provided airborne martime surveillances systems for Transport Canada environmental patrol, the Finnish Border Guard, the Portuguese Airforce and many more.


MSS 7000 & MSS 6000

The ST Airborne Maritime Surveillance System

The MSS 7000 is the new generation of our maritime surveillance system following our very successful MSS 6000. It is built for real time monitoring of sea surface activities. Typical missions include:


  • General surveillance for protection of the Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Oil spill tracking
  • Border control
  • Fishery surveillance
  • Ship traffic control
  • Search and rescue